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REVOLVING LOAN FUNDS (RLF)  Click on the Title of the RLF Program to View Additional Information

Region I PDC RLF Program


Region I Planning & Development Council established a revolving loan fund (RLF) in 1990 to stimulate business expansion and to aid in the retention, as well as creation, of job opportunities in our region.  The program was developed to assist local business expansion and to encourage new businesses to locate in our service area. The primary mission of the Region I RLF Loan Program remains making loan funding available to businesses and entrepreneurs exhibiting the potential to excel in the private market place, but not having the financial strength that allow them to borrow needed capital and/or operating funds entirely from private sector institutions. 

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Region I Planning & Development Council’s Cares Act Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) was established using funds from the Economic Development Administration. This loan fund is intended to aid and support those businesses that have been “Economically Damaged” by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Any business that can self-identify as being hurt by Covid-19 is eligible to borrow from this low-interest loan fund.

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